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Howdy. My name is Jacquelyn O’Terry-Nowell, and I am a fitness enthusiast that loves to live life to its fullest. I have had two total knee replacements. With God’s grace and choosing to take the time to stay strong and eat from God’s natural bounty I have overcome many health challenges. I do my best to rcoqnize that it is very important to keep my attitude positive and to know that God had given us time and eternity to express out gifts and talents… no matter what happens to us!

I have a degree in Physical Education and have been a taught from elementary grades to college level. I love sports and enjoy hiking and riding my horse in the beautiful mountains of north Georiga. I specialize in weight loss management skills and general fitness for all areas of life. I especially love to train young and “old” atheletes in their sport. I am a CORE specialist.

I love working here with the team at New Beginning and True Beginning Transformation. This is truly a blessed place to work with helping others get well, get strong and get a better life. I work with a great staff who believes it is about healing and the Healer and we give thanks and glory to our Creator for our place of growth and opportunity.

We would like to help you help yourself to get better health and fitness. Come visit us.

Thanks and look forward to meeting you,

Sincerely, Jacquelyn
Health & Fitness Program Director